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Complex Litigation

Along with being one of the key areas of work of the Firm and as a consequence of having participated in some of the most relevant litigation at a national and international level, for several years Francisco Agüero, Ciro Colombara and Aldo Díaz (members of the Firm), together Carlos Sánchez, lead the “Complex Litigation” Project, which is an initiative that aims to develop the concept of Complex Litigation, both in the academic field and in professional practice.

In 2023, Thomson Reuters Publishing House published Volume I of the Book “Complex Litigation. Complex conflicts and strategic decisions” and will soon be published in Argentina. The authors are already working on Volume II.

Likewise, the Firm develops the Podcast “Complex Litigation”, hosted by journalist and lawyer Paola Berlin and which interviews prominent litigators who share their professional career and vision of complex litigation as an area or form of legal practice.

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As Estudio Colombara we presented the Book “Litigación Compleja”, Complex Conflicts and Strategic Decisions to legal directors and company lawyers. The activity included a conversation about Complex Litigation, in which Ramiro Mendoza, Former President and current Counselor of the Chilean Bar Association A.G. participated. and Macarena Letelier, Executive Director of CAM Santiago, under the direction of Paola Berlin Razmilic. In addition, on the occasion it was announced that this book will be incorporated into Law Schools and a promotional video of the Podcast “Litigación Compleja…de la Estrategia a la Práctica” was shown, in which prominent national and international litigators will be interviewed.