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Our podcast “Litigación Compleja…De la Estrategia a la Práctica” is a space where lawyer and host Paola Berlin will interview prominent national and international lawyers, who worked on “complex litigation” cases that had a media impact.

In the first chapter the guest is Nicole Nehme Zalaquett, Lawyer from the Universidad de Chile and Partner at Ferrada Nehme. He is a Specialist in Competition and Regulation, Public Law, Media and Technology, Telecommunications, Complex Litigation and in the Educational area. She gained connotation in the media in 2009 after the newsy case of "Pharmacy Collusion". Among her latest recognitions, we highlight that she was chosen as the "Best Professor of the Universidad de Chile" in 2023.

This Podcast is a production of the COLOMBARA Studio, Legal Strategy and is edited by lawyers Ciro Colombara and Aldo Díaz.